We provide a variety of services to colleges, universities, libraries, and other educational institutions:

  • Speaking engagements, including presentations and keynote addresses
  • Meeting facilitation, improving and enhancing face-to-face or online gatherings.  This can be conducted for a range of group sizes, from under ten people to over 500.  This service also includes a meeting summary, offered at the session’s close; here is an example from a small conference.
  • Workshops on key topics, such as education and mobile technology, digital storytelling, or social media.  They can be structured from one hour to several days in length, depending on a client’s needs.
  • Future trends analysis, such as the monthly FTTE report.
  • Futuring work, helping groups develop their forecasting capacity.
  • Virtual events: I can do keynotes, presentations, or short workshops remotely.  This is likely to be a wave of the future.  It is also more accessible to organizations that might not be able to host me in person.  Scheduling limits the number of these I can do each month.
  • Project development
  • Research and intelligence gathering
Some important details about our face-to-face, on-site work:
  1. Bryan is not a parachute-in, run-away speaker.  If you bring him to campus, he’s there for the full day, from before breakfast through after dinner.  Bryan is ready for meetings with whomever (faculty groups, IT, library, senior admin, students, board, etc), along with breakout sessions, facilitated meetings, hands-on workshops, etc, for no extra cost.
  2. Our sessions and presentations are tailored to your needs.  The more you let us know about your population, your interests, the specific nature of your mission, technical requirements, and so on, the more carefully we can shape content to address them.
  3. We are happy to be recorded by video, audio, photographs, 3d scanning, and social media.  Our sole stipulation for recording is that you make a copy available to us.
 To learn more, or to inquire about engaging BAC, click here.

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